Ebay vs Amazon – Comscore statistics for UK

eBay vs Amazon Comscore statistics

This week, per my friend’s request, and also as part of my weekly Comscore data comparison I will be focusing on two e-commerce websites.  eBay being world’s largest C2C  (consumer to consumer) site. Amazon, on the other hand, being one of the largest B2C (business to consumer) websites. To add a bit more data I’ve decided to throw in Argos.co.uk. As the UK e-commerce market is constantly expanding there’s still plenty of room for competition to grow and get their slice of multi-billion revenue cake.

eBay vs Amazon vs Argos Comscore Statistics

Ebay vs Amazon Comscore Comparison

  • eBay.co.uk has 22,224,000 Total Unique Visitors per month. All that maintaining a steady yearly growth of 1.3%.
  • Amazon.co.uk has 18,640,000 Total Unique Visitors  per month. It’s worth mentioning here that at its current yearly growth rate of 11.7%, Amazon should be able to get as much audience as Ebay in almost 2 years. It is very interesting to see huge gap in page views between eBay and Amazon. The latter’s 605 (MM) Total Pages Viewed is actually only 16% of Ebay’s impressive 3,847 (MM) Total Pages Viewed.
  • Argos.co.uk is currently at 7,818,000 Total Unique Visitors per month. It seems that for Argos hasn’t managed to retain it’s customers after December 2010. Traffic on Argos.co.uk fell considerably in January 2010.

It seems that Argos is slowly recovering , but it took over 7 months to get close to traffic volumes from June 2010. Could that be due to “no refunds” policy on many items they have? Also, after digging online you can see that there’s more and more complaints on poor customer service and overall declining quality of both service and products.

I found this review by James Venables to be spot on:

Prices are now at the best so so,the staff seem to think of customers as a burden to be shrugged off at the earliest opportunity and returns are made to be very difficult even though they often replace the item you have ordered with a ‘similar’ item the brand name of which you have never heard. Come on Argos,you still have a massive following,dont do what Marks & Spencer did some years ago, it takes a long time to get your name back once the usually meek customer turns and walks away.

Considering substantial number of online reviews that point out the same key factors: prices, customer service and returns policy, Argos at least shouldn’t have problems identifying reasons for their drop in traffic. It might be good time for some strategic changes as this Christmas could be a crucial season for Argos. Meanwhile eBay and Amazon will concentrate on their strategy of growth and trying to figure out how to devour our e-wallets.

A quick note on demographics: Argos, in contrary to eBay and Amazon, has more female than male users.

If you would like me to present statistics for specific websites or more general information, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.

*Comscore July 2011

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